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1 Identification and functional evaluation of a drought-induced\ late embryogenesis abundant\" gene from cowpea plants" Gazendam, Inge; 2012
2 The genetic basis of resistance in arabidopsis thaliana ecotype kil-0 against ralstonia solanacearum isolate bccf 402 from eucalyptus Van Der Linden, Liesl Elizabeth; 2012
3 Microsatellite analysis of ceratocystis fimbriata Simpson, Melissa Claire; 2012
4 Bacterial endophytes associated with eucalyptus nitens clones Stewart, Annie Cecilia; 2012
5 Cytochrome p450 monooxygenases from extremophiles Muller, Walter Joseph; 2012
6 Characterization of burkholderia species associated with root nodules of legumes indigenous to south africa Mthombeni, Lunghile Sabinah; 2012
7 Systematic study of the new anopheles funestus-like species from malawi Vezenegho, Samuel Bumuh; 2012
8 Systematic study of the new anopheles funestus-like species from malawi Bumuh, Vezenegho Samuel; 2012
9 Intron architecture in fusarium Phasha, Mmatshepho Malekgale; 2012
10 Seedling quality, plant growth and fruit yield and quality of tomato (solanum lycopersicum l.) In response to trichoderma harzianum and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Nzanza, Bombiti; 2012
11 Biocatalytic preparation and characterization of alternative substrate of mshb, a mycothiol pathway enzyme Muneri, Ndivhuwo Olga; 2012
12 Characterization of zoonotic flavi-and alphaviruses in sentinel animals in south africa Human, Stacey; 2012
13 Genomics of quantitative resistance to brown rust (puccinia melanocephala) in a sugarcane breeding population. Mhora, Terence Tariro; 2012
14 Regulators of dormancy/viability of mycobacterium tuberculosis inside the human macrophages Botha, Maria Magdalena; 2012
15 Stress response to genotoxic agents and to infection Hull, Rodney; 2012
16 Microbiological and molecular characterization of plant disease suppressive compost Bambo, Thabang Lazarus; 2012
17 Molecular investigation of genetic and environmental factors contributing to obesity in adolescent learners residing in the semi-urban/rural areas of the western cape province, south africa Yako, Yandiswa Yolanda; 2012
18 A comparative study of fungi and mycotoxin contamination in animal products from selected rural and urban areas of south africa with particular reference to the impact of this on the health of rural black people Mwanza, Mulunda; 2012
19 Studying the interaction between phytophthora cinnamomi and persea americana using gene expression profiling and pathogen quantification Engelbrecht, Juanita; 2012
20 Towards establishing a reverse genetics system to recover infectious african horse sickness virus Paterson, Duncan; 2012
21 Diversity and distribution of fungal endophytes associated with native syzygium cordatum in south africa Marsberg, Angelica; 2012
22 Extracellular acid proteases of wine microorganisms: gene identification, activity characterization and impact on wine Reid, Vernita Jennilee; 2012
23 Structural and functional studies of xvprx2, a type ii peroxiredoxin protein from the resurrection plant xerophyta viscosa Onyemata, Ezenwa James; 2012
24 Mechanisms of chloride modulated activity in the c-domain of angiotensin-converting enzyme Yates, Christopher John; 2012
25 Differences between genotypic and phenotypic resistance in mdr-tb strains in south africa Sewpersadh, Mandira; 2012
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