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About Us

Carol Coetzee and Associates Incorporated established itself in 2004, following requests from prospective clients, financial services and property-focused clients. The established law firm renders a specialised service of the highest quality in Property Law and Commercial Law to selected blue-chip clients. Carol Coetzee and Associates strives to promote empowerment and equality.

Carol Coetzee and Associates Incorporated aims to provide service of the highest quality and to add value to the business of its clients through forming a close association with its clients. In addition we aim to add value by expediting transactions through coordinating the interests of all counter parties to property transactions, whether or not all the parties involved are our clients. We are available on short notice, and we dedicate quality time and provide considered quality advice to our clients and their business development.

Carol Coetzee and Associates Incorporated have been appointed by a number of Developers as their sole property lawyers and conveyancers.

The developer and ourselves believe that it is in the best interest of the clients if we attend to the relevant registration of both the transfers and all related bonds, in order to limit unnecessary delays and to ensure the best possible service to the high profile purchasers.

We are supported by all our clients as conveyancing and property attorneys due to our expertise in the property market and our intricate infrastructure which supports our blue-chip service. We believe that it will be in your companies’ best interest to utilise our services as we go the extra mile to maintain a valued business relationship with all existing clientele and maintain that this venture will grow from strength to strength.

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