New England Biolabs celebrates 50 years of passion for science

This year marks a momentous accomplishment for New England Biolabs (commonly referred to as NEB), as it celebrates 50 years of excellent business. Through his commitment to the scientific world, Donald Comb founded NEB in 1974 and this corporation currently holds a global status of being a leader in the discovery and production of recombinant enzymes and reagents for molecular biology applications.

This 50th jubilee can be credited to the corporation’s determination and commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of molecular biology that enables NEB to push through the boundaries of genomics research by developing ready to use high quality recombinant enzymes that have impacted the progress of molecular biology research.

With its dedication to customer satisfaction, NEB prioritizes customer needs, ensuring that its products are not only of the highest quality but also easy to use and reliable. It is this commitment to customer service that has earned this brand a reputation of excellency in the molecular biology community. As a distributing partner of NEB’s world class molecular reagents and enzymes for the past 10 years, we congratulate NEB on this milestone. We at inqaba biotec remain dedicated to delivering customer services and support that compliments NEB’s customer value and commitment.

In celebrating this milestone, NEB has a series of events that will be taking place throughout the year to celebrate their valued customers; you can read more on these events here.

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