PacBio certified service provider status for inqaba biotec

inqaba biotec is excited to announce that we are now endorsed by PacBio as a Certified Sequencing Service provider for superior long read (HiFi) sequencing on the Sequel IIe system.

Do you need to investigate the transcriptome architecture of your organism (full length transcripts, including isoforms) – then Iso-Seq is the application for you!

The methylation status of your organism’s DNA is of interest to you? Methylation information gets produced (free of charge) when sequencing a whole human genome on PacBio’s Sequel IIe platform.

Long read data does achieve excellent high quality whole genome assemblies.

You want to phase the cis/trans status of 2 variants wider apart than the reach of short read data, use long read HiFi reads to resolve the phase.

We also offer a list of metagenomic barcoding options (16S, fungal, 18S and more…) that span larger barcoding regions than short read data.

Whatever your sequencing quest might be, get in touch with inqaba biotec’s NGS team to discuss your next HiFi sequencing project.

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