We are 20 Years old this year!

Understandably, this is a remarkable milestone for us as a company and, to mark the occasion we are partnering with the African BioGenome Project (ABP) organisation [] to host inqaba biotec’s second Genome Challenge.

As a celebration, inqaba biotec will be sponsoring 20 PacBio SMRT cells (to the value of around USD 100 000) to this Genome Challenge which will be dedicated to the sequencing of some of Africa’s most significant eukaryotic genomes.

The selection of these genomes will be based on 4 broad criteria namely:

  • Scientific relevance: In what ways will your genome impact science?
  • Economic value: Is there potential to develop your project into a marketable product?
  • Biodiversity conservation: Does this study benefit your countries biodiversity conservation goals?
  • Cultural significance: What makes this project a cultural priority?

If you have a non-human, eukaryotic species that fits well into one (or several) of the criteria then you are invited to participate by making a video submission of your genome sequencing project. Winning entries will be awarded at least 1 SMRT cell, depending on the genome size of your organism. Deadline for submissions is the 30 November 2022.

A committee of the ABP will then shortlist applications after their evaluation based on the competition criteria. The shortlisted videos will then be posted on inqaba biotec’s YouTube channel for the public vote by the 31 December 2022.

Please note, videos should be in mp4 format, recorded in landscape orientation and not exceed 60 seconds. Follow this link to see an example video.

Please submit your proposal on the following Google form If you need more info, please contact us at

See the brochure for full details.

When you are ready, make your submission here

We wish you all the best!

The inqaba biotec team

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