inqaba biotec 2021 calendar with a twist

The design of inqaba biotec 2021 calendar is inspired by three things; art, molecular biology and the laboratory environment in general. The calendar is meticulously and hand-crafted to bring the three aspects to LIVE in great graphic details.

The calendar highlights inqaba biotec’s ever expanding services/products portfolio ranging from oligos, DNA sequencing, ZooOmics, instrument services to supplying global brands such as Eppendorf, New England Biolabs, Seegene, Zymo Research, and PacBio to name a few. Over the years inqaba biotec has expanded its footprint in sub- Saharan Africa with subsidiaries in East and West Africa.

inqaba biotec partnered with Mr. Cedrick Kalombo, the artist behind the calendar to bring a bit of twist in our new 2021 calendar. Follow Mr. Cedrick’s work on IG: @iamarttall; Fb: @Cedric Kalombo; YT: Arttall Kalombo

Lastly, we would like to wish you all a great festive season and prosperous New Year! Stay Safe!

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