inqaba biotec™ West Africa Moves to its new home in Ibadan

Inqaba Biotec West Africa (IBWA) opened its doors for business in 2015 with its first office at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria. While at IITA, IBWA worked closely with scientists across the West African region by providing them with indispensable tools required to conduct world class research which are aimed at finding solutions to some of Africa’s challenges. These challenges ranged from food security to concerns in the healthcare sector. With the aid provided by IBWA to organizations such as IITA and universities across West Africa, progressive researches have been carried out. The groundbreaking work done by IBWA has led to the company receiving awards from organisations such as the Nigerian Association of Microbiology.

After three years of renting an office within the IITA premises, IBWA is gradually expanding.  IBWA has now spread to four countries while providing products and services to scientists in almost all Western and Central African countries.

With a growing number of staff, the branch requires enough space to accommodate its team members and enhance the level of services rendered to customers.  This development motivated the decision to acquire its new premises. IBWA’s building is right across the road from IITA and will now serve as our new home.

This blog will take you on a pictorial tour of our new office space while introducing you to our office bunnies. The tour will also grant you a preview into our upcoming molecular lab and engineering workshop.

The Front view

The Conference room which doubles as our training room is where we receive scientists from across the region who are interested in learning about bioinformatics. We have since organized 5 bioinformatics workshops and trained 50 scientists on DNA analysis.

Sales office. In here our sales team attends to customers’ needs.

Upcoming Engineering / Pipette Calibration Workshop. Once this is complete, we will be able to offer pipette calibration service to our customers across West Africa. All our instruments will also be repaired and serviced from here.

The kitchen area where we have our daily dosage of coffee and tea

Molecular laboratory (under construction). We will carry out wide range of services from nucleic acid extraction, PCR, molecular diagnostics, oligo synthesis to holding regular hands-on training on molecular techniques and molecular diagnostics.

Now to save the best for last, we would like to you to meet our office bunnies. Since moving in, the Inqaba Bunnies have been a part of the team and are usually the first members of the team you will meet when you visit our premises. If you would like to name one of our bunnies, please email your name suggestion to

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